How do you deal with COVID-19?

From my professional association, I have to ask some questions about COVID-19 every time you visit. The questions are listed below. Have you had a confirmed corona infection? Do you think you have had a corona infection? If you answered yes to question 1 or 2: are you free of complaints for more than 24 […]

Can children be treated?

Absolutely. Children are young and respond well and quickly to acupunctural treatments. The treatments are shorter than those for the adults. For children the treatments are also reimbursed by the insurance if you have an additional care package.

Do the needles hurt?

Placing the needles shouldn’t hurt. Sometimes a spot may be sensitive when the needle is placed. Most clients experience the treatment as pleasant and relaxing.

Does acupuncture fall under my insurance?

Acupuncture is partially reimbursed by most insurers, provided you have an additional care package. You can check this with your insurance company. The reimbursement is not at the expense of your annual personal contribution.

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