My practice

My name is Marieke Wolters-Ellens.

Welcome to my practice for acupuncture. My practice is located in the Health Centre Wassenaar. Appointments can usually be made on short notice.

Phone or text to 06-42 82 68 44 or mail to

Who am I

After working as a speech therapist for 20 years, I decided to do the acupuncture training at the Traditional Chinese Academy. IN my speech therapy practice, I met many a patient with complaints which resulted in a speech therapy complaints, but which had a more extensive problem at its root.  I always tried to pay attention to this root with an holistic approach, but I lacked the knowledge to really do more for these clients. Acupuncture has given me the tools to actually do more and to be able to treat clients in their entirety and not just their immediate complaints.

In present day society, everybody is busy. We are often tired and have gotten used to this. We actually think this is quite normal. However, this daily amount of stress unbalances our system and creates ailments. In the meantime, we gradually forget how it feels to be in balance, to have no pain, to sleep well, and to be more energetic. My training in acupuncture has taught me to restore the balance in people. The energy will return and complaints will lessen or even disappear.

Do you recognize yourself in these complaints? Have you got pain, low energy or trouble sleeping? I would gladly treat you in my practice. See you soon.

Marieke Wolters-Ellens

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